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A marketing and design agency completely oriented towards YOU. The idea of our work is to make our customers happier and their business the new buzzword, like our catchphrase states. Apart from providing users information about us, our work, and our services, the mission of our social media presence is to bring you closer to what we do and provide you basic tips and tricks to help you make simple changes within your business and social media presence.


Rahat is a word used in Bosnia & Herzegovina when one wants to describe the state of complete peace. We use this word because that exact state is what actually describes our work atmosphere and the way we operate. We are driven by the psychology of a stressless and pleasant work atmosphere which enhances our productivity and workflow.


Here are few translations of the word RAHAT: comfortable, comfort, ease, peace, at rest, untroubled, cozy, zen.

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The team that turns advertising into entertainment!


Our mission and vision guide our daily actions as individuals and as a company. We’re driven by the notion of making our customer’s ideas into real products. The only true goal of our agency is to grow together with our clients which can only be resulted from working with them as a team from day one. Clients’ success is considered our personal success!