5 Social Media Marketing Trends in 2022

Most time of our day (either we want it or not) is spent on social media. Even before the pandemic hit, it has become an integral part of our daily routines.

Amid this reoccurring chaos and having deja vu of the previous COVID 19 waves, brands still need to continue to strive and lock in marketing strategies for their business to grow further.

In this blog post, we wish to share social media trends that are happening this year. Let’s prepare the best strategy together!

Instagram Reels over traditional video post

If you haven’t considered posting reels as one of your strategies - you definitely should! It can last up to 30 seconds but make it catchy and entertaining so it keeps the user’s attention. Reels have also shown to be top-performing in organic but also paid reach.

‘No filter’ feed takes over

Brands are striving towards a more simple and minimal aesthetic. This trend, we might add, is portraying a more ‘healthy’ way of posting to social media. You don't need a ton of filters to go through to have a good feed.

Tik Tok era continues

Having over 1 billion users Tik Tok remains one of the top apps that we use. With having more than half of its audience being trendsetters brands are publishing their content on that market too!

Memes, memes, memes

Who is that friend who communicates through sending tons of memes a day? Sorry, not sorry. Memes are a great and fun way of communication with your audience and they are here to stay.

Social commerce

Social commerce is when brands use networks such as Facebook or Instagram as vehicles to promote commercial products or businesses. That is why we see more and more brands selling online. Not a day passes without an ad popping out to buy some product.

Note: The right campaign can secure you to build a more close relationship with your audience and increase your online sales.


If you're a social media geek as much as we are, we hope this article inspired you for the next amazing campaign. In an industry that is developing so fast, we need to stay informed and on top of every trend!

The excitement is real, and 2022 is already breaking boundaries with these new trends. We're excited to see what is next!


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