Most inspiring Christmas marketing campaigns of 2021!

It's that time of the year again!

This year in the advertising world we saw a huge increase in commercials for products and services. Advertisers most certainly are not wasting any chance to get the attention of their customers and emphasize their uniqueness. We also saw the release of many new Christmas campaigns, with some old favorites making a comeback, and it’s been really interesting to see what advertisers are doing this time around.

Here is a list of our favorite ones from 2021:



Every year, even since the times of our childhood, Coca-Cola does not miss to amaze us with their Christmas ad campaigns using the concept of family and community that brings us even closer. The story features a boy who brings his whole apartment block together to celebrate holidays. The story starts with his idea to make a chimney out of carbon boxes, that spreads through all apartments, in order for Santa to deliver presents. Once his neighbors get the grip of his idea, they all join together to finalize the chimney, which brings them back the community and holiday spirit and reminds us of previous years of pandemics when we all started reaching out to each other.

Watch the full video here.

coca cola christmas campaign 2021, chimney
Coca-Cola christmas campaign 2021


Big on a Christmas You Can Always Believe In

This funny commercial was made by an ad agency Kamarama. The idea was to present Christmas as a holiday being celebrated in the present day with a sight into the future and how humans enjoy festive holidays years from now. As we see through the commercial, the festive traditions remain the same even though time has changed. It is repeated that Lidl is “Big on Quality” and “Always Lidl on Price” and the accent is on the “And we mean always” statement, referring to the future. Using the cheeky sense of humor, it appreciates the brand and shows its commitment to quality and statements.

Watch the full video here.

Lidl created Christmas campaign that is focusing on Holiday vibes and ''Big on quality'' message
Lidil Big on a Christmas You Can Always Believe In

McDonald’s UK

Imaginary Iggy

This year, McDonald’s brings us a nostalgic feeling toward our childhood as it represents a girl drawing a figure on paper, a little blue furry monster who she named Iggy. Iggy accompanies her through her childhood, helps her overcome her fears, and makes her smile. As the girl grows up she brings in new interests and starts ignoring Iggy and after some time she puts her furry friend and the drawing of it in the closet after she continues with her life. On one occasion in McDonald’s she sees a boy trying to give food to his imaginary friend. After that, she gets nostalgic and goes back to her closet where her loyal friend waits for her all this time. Like in the old times, they share a ball of carrot sticks together at the window.

Watch the full video here.

Imaginary Iggy
McDonald's Christmas ad 2021


Kindness is the greatest gift

Without a word said, using only a few minutes Amazon’s new 2021 Christmas commercial shows us how just one simple act of kindness can be so priceless and have a huge impact. Featuring only two characters it tells a most amazing story that brings a gentle smile to everyone’s face.

Watch the full video here.

Kindness is the greatest gift
Amazon Christmas Ad


We can break the silence!

Vodafone’s Christmas campaign did really bring tears to our faces and even got us to our phones to reach out to our elders. Christmas is a heart-warming holiday for many of us but for some people appears to be the saddest time of the year. Imagine being alone in a time where everyone shares that moment with their loved ones. In Hungary, more than 1 million people live in solitude. In that regard, this Christmas, Vodafone in cooperation with ‘Hungarian Charity Service of the Order of Malta’ donated free internet and smart devices to the elder all around the country. In that way, they enable them to connect with their loved ones who live far away. This commercial might even inspire people to give their best to reduce this amount of lonely people by just one simple visit, which for that individual means nothing, and for the elders is everything. This Christmas, no one will be lonely, we can do that!

Watch the full video here.

We can break the silence!
Vodafone Christmas ad

We love this time of year and all the holiday cheer. We hope that you found your favorite campaign on this list and that you've enjoyed reading about them! Feel free to rate them in the comments and let us know, what is your favorite Christmas campaign of all time?


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