My Journey Of Becoming a Graphic Designer - Maja Đukanović

Apart from showing the beginnings and the story of our creative agency, today we bring you a rather inspirational story of our graphic designer - Maja. Completely switching her career path from one sphere into a creative one, her story is quite exceptional.

Meet Maja Đukanović

The whole story began when I decided to have a completely different course of interest. It all started in my childhood. I wanted to learn English when I was a kid. I wanted to have that access to that glorifying literature, learning about the history of England, reading, and studying Shakespeare. Your mind, being so innocent and blind, does not think about the fact that the world is going to change. But, aside from that, look inside of you, is there something that has been in you all of this time? Seemingly, you do not do that when you are young, at least I did not.

What got me so mad about design? After quite some time of working 12 hours of the day and spending my time on a never accomplished and, well quite childish, dream, I realized that that is not the life I want to live. The problem is not working 12 hours a day, a problem is when you do something that you genuinely do not enjoy for 12 hours. With enormous support from my life partner, I decided to dip my finger into the field of marketing, in December 2020. It was a good decision, followed by a digital marketing course that had taught me some fundamentals of the industry. The path led me into a slightly different, but similar way where I accidentally ended up taking a graphic design course. I thought, well it is not marketing, but it is quite intersected with the field so I will give it a try (I unconsciously forgot the fact that drawing and typography were spheres that interested me since I was a little girl).

As I am a highly stubborn person, that one, on spot was not fulfilling my excessive need for knowledge. I took yet another online course in the same field to clarify some elements from the local course. As everyone who starts something from the very beginning, I felt like the amount of time that lifetime provides you will not be enough for me to conquer these techniques. Of course, the next course of events is anger and madness, but that does not stop me on my way to the idea of becoming a graphic designer. I started drawing cats. As that is not foreign to me, since I am a complete definition of a cat lady and an owner of two beautiful little balls of fur, I genuinely enjoyed making cat illustrations. Even though, to be honest, that was not something to show of around with so I decided that everything I succeed to finalize throughout my educational journey, is to be showcased on my social media accounts.

Everyone had their educational expedition in life and it is not like we are born with a specific technique in our arms, and all of a sudden, we are amazing. I wanted to showcase my progress from the very beginning to the moment of now and that is exactly what I did. I decided to promote my progress on my private social media accounts as well as in some Facebook groups that I signed up for. The feedback was so empowering. I managed to inspire a substantial number of individuals who are at their beginning in this or a similar field. I sincerely enjoyed the fact that I managed to have that kind of impact on people.

My boyfriend, life partner, and a best friend pushed me beyond my limits and his support was a big part of what I managed to do until this moment. After finalizing seven courses within this industry, I realized that this is exactly what I want to do, and I felt the overall gratitude for whatever step I have made that got me to this point. I realized that it is time for me to make something of my own, so I decided to open an Instagram profile with the sight of the pseudonym that I have been using for quite some time, and I named it ‘detachka’. That decision opened yet another chapter in my life, broaden my horizons, brought me closer to the design industry, and, after all, got me a job! We all know that educational journeys have no end, and so my has just begun, and sometimes I even think that there is not enough time in this world for the amount of knowledge I want to gain through my life.

So, don’t be fooled by this! My journey of education and knowledge inception does not stop. Quite on the contrary, it has just begun, and I can easily say that I am eager for what is standing in front of me career-wise. This is only the beginning of my journey!

If you wish to take a look at my design works please visit my Instagram page @detachka.


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