Vision and mindset behind agency name - RAHAT

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

It's surprising how crucial a name can be. It plays vast role in a brand's development and perception, meaning it can completely build or break a company.

Making a brand successful is not easy, so leaving a powerful and memorable first impression can be a key to branding success. Before diving deeper into the concept of the brand, one interacts with the name of it first, so due to that, the brand has to make sure to send the right message and astonish the audience just by that first impression.

This is not just an ordinary story about founding a marketing agency and naming it with a name that will buzz in people's ears. This is a story about a whole vision, logic, and mindset behind one simple agency name - RAHAT.

First, if you are someone who is not coming from the Balkan region, we need to introduce you to the word 'Rahat' and its meaning.

Word 'Rahat' comes from the Arabic language. Here in Bosnia & Herzegovina, we use it when one wants to describe the state of complete peace. When we feel comfort, relaxation, and ease, we use the word 'Rahat'. Let's say that it is the closest thing to ZEN.

Back to the beginning

When founding an agency was just a simple idea in the back of our mind, it was harder to think about the name than the whole process and complexity behind opening an agency. We had a clear idea of what we want to do, what kind of an agency we want, and what values we would cherish, but we needed a name that will closely describe our core value and the vibe we want to provide as an agency. Because of that, the process took longer than we thought as we just couldn't come up with a name that will be simple, easy to remember, and meaningful.

Let's go back a bit more...

After working in the industry for 5 years and collecting experiences from different work environments, teams and companies, we wanted to bring all good bits and pieces in one place and create an atmosphere where our team will feel relaxed and happy about their job. It is not an easy task to please everyone, but what we could provide as an agency is at least a stress-free environment where everyone can find their moment of peace and express their work ethic as they please.

On the other hand, we wanted to include a segment of something traditional that represents our Bosnian culture and mentality. Since the beginning, the plan was to enter the international market and connect with people from all around the world. So, this part of including something traditional was very important to us. We wanted to spread a positive word not just about our agency but about this small country in Europe that is becoming one of the leading outsourcing centers of the world.

This is the moment where the word 'RAHAT' came to us and all of a sudden it made perfect sense. It would represent us as a team, our core values, and send a beautiful message to the world about a small part of our culture.

Today, we're counting a team of 4 young and enthusiastic people that have the same goal - to make a difference and be an exception in a concrete world. We are RAHAT since 18th February 2021, and we keep on counting.

Now, there is a completely separate story about our logo and how it came to life, but that is a story tale for some other time.


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